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Australian universities accredited by The Ministry of Health and Medical Education

Below you could find Updated list of student recruitment institutes accredited by the ministry of science, research and technology below:
1.    The University of Sydney
2.    The University of Wollongong
3.    The University of Queensland
4.    The University of Adelaide
5.    The University of New South Wales
6.    The University of  Melbourn
7.    The University of Tasmania
8.    The University of Western Australia
9.    The University of Monash University
10.    Charls Sturt University
11.    QUT  Queensland University of Technology
12.    Flinders University
13.    Newcastle University of
14.    Australian National University
15.    College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM)
16.    Murdoch
17.    Curtin University of technology
18.    University of Technology Sydney (UTS)